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Employees who perform safety-sensitive functions in the transportation industry are responsible for providing a safe work environment for their co-workers and the millions of people who travel in a variety of ways throughout the nation. In order to ensure a safe work environment, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has established work rules, including rules on drug use and alcohol misuse. A substance abuse professional, or SAP Evaluation, is defined by the US Department of Transportation as a person who evaluates employees who have violated DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations in order to make recommendations for the course of treatment or education, follow-up testing and aftercare. SAP’s must be a licensed physician, social worker, psychologist, or otherwise licensed and certified therapist or counselor. Their duty is to protect the public interest and ensure that drivers who go through the return-to-duty process are fit to return to safety-sensitive positions. Substance Abuse Evaluations are available for FAA, FTA, PHSA, USCG FMCSA, and FRA.

Qualified SAP Evaluations Fast Nationwide Service

We provide affordable SAP Evaluations to help you get through the SAP Program and Return to Duty (RTD) process. We have an excellent track record and over 300 five star reviews on Google. We have helped hundreds of drivers get back to work and we can help you too. Call us today at 1-800-451-2170.

We also provide virtual SAP Evaluations nationwide and can get you started from any state or city. We offer our SAP Program Monday through Saturday and our team can get you scheduled right away.

What Is The SAP Evaluation Process?

1. You will meet with a qualified SAP Evaluation who will ask you questions about your violation, drug and alcohol use history, employment history, abuse history, family history, and any other relevant information. This evaluation is used to determine the level of care for your SAP Program.

2. Recommendations for education and/or treatment will be given to you based on your specific needs. We will refer you to an education or treatment provider.

3. You will complete the education or treatment and return to us to complete your follow evaluation with the SAP Evaluator.

4. You will complete the education or treatment and return to us to complete your follow evaluation with the SAP Evaluator.

5. You will be cleared to take a return to duty test.

6. The SAP Evaluator will send your evaluation to your employer or third party consortium. You take a return to duty test and pass it. Your employer or third party consortium will report this information and you will able to return to safety sensitive duty and go back to work.






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